Judith Annique François, Author, Beta Reader, Educator


Judith Annique François
Judith Annique François is the author of Breakthrough To New Beginnings, a collection of poems published in 2021. Judith is a seasoned author, writer, and educator with a background as an ancillary teacher for the Chicago Public School System.
At the young age of 11 years old, Judith started her journey from Haiti to America. One year before her arrival, her mother leaves Haiti to go to America to establish residence. Judith’s family started moving to America and founded resistance from the United States Embassy in Haiti to issue the proper documentation.  After about 12 months of back and forth, she was finally granted a permanent visa to America.
With all the anxiety, excitement, and fear of leaving her four siblings, cultural traits, and native Country, she finds the strength to move forward still. She knew things would be different as she went to meet her mom.  A new day had come, with new experiences and all the woah’s & no’s of a new environment. With a few learning lessons, she learned the system quickly and adapted, now she has arrived. 
Judith is an accomplished graduate who studied two years of pre-law at Nova Southeastern University, Florida. Then, with a change of heart, she refocused her major to writing, as she holds a master’s in creative writing from Roosevelt University, with a bachelor’s in journalism. 
Judith has endured her fair share of life’s ups & downs. As a “diaspora,” she has come a long way.  Her new book, available here, was released on June 27, 2021. She has two other manuscripts in the works and a laundry list of goals. We can say she is just getting started. 
Judith Annique François
Author ~ Editor ~ Book Coach


A Poet’s Journey

Published June 27, 2021

As her love for poetry grew, Judith Annique François wrote 40 poems that depict accounts of her childhood memories, her healing from trauma, and her Haitian culture. Breakthrough To New Beginnings is a celebration of the poetic journey we encounter as we discover who we are.




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